Lost wallet what to do

22 April 2020
notiOne in a wallet

Be as it may, people lose their wallets. There are about 300 notices sent to a base of lost documents each day! What to do if I lost a wallet?

1. Accept the fact that you’ve lost money

Most probably, you won’t get your money back. That’s not the biggest problem here. Focus on the more important aspects.

2. If you lost your ID:

  • report it as soon as possible to your bank. The bank will cancel your card and issue a new one;
  • set up fraud alert. In order to do so, contact a national credit bureau (European/Equifax or TransUnion) and describe your situation. If anyone tried to take a loan on your name, someone from the bureau will call you to confirm the action;
  • if you discovered the loss a bit late, check if there are no purchases made on you card from the time you might have had your card stolen. If so, report them to you credit card company.

3. Cancel a credit card

You are not responsible for any purchase on your credit card, as long as you report your card being stolen. If it’s too late, and a thief has already used your card, you’ll be responsible for a max of $50 of unauthorized buys after reporting the theft.

4. What if I had a vehicle registration certificate in my lost wallet too?

Call Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and report lost document. You should receive a renewal. Prepare you car proof of ownership, roadworthiness test and the number of a vehicle registration plate.

5. You lost your driving license as well?

That’s another call for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Ask for issuing new document. Remember that untill you receive a new driving license, you should not drive a car.

6. Lost student card

Report your loss in your school/college office. Within a couple of days and after a minor payment you’ll receive a new one.

7. What else you kept in a lost wallet?

Make sure you didn’t keep any passwords or bills in the wallet. Bear in mind, that your data in wrogn hands can be used against you.

8. Protect before you lose

There might be other valuable things in the wallet. Souvenirs, photos… Protect your wallet or even a bag with notiOne mini tracker. Hidden in a pocket, helps to protect the wallet from being stolen. You can protect keys or a memory stick with it as well. See how notiOne works.

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