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Back to school supplies – what to buy

23 September 2020
Wolne od szkoły - czas na ferie

New school year has come, so it’s time to collect your child’s school supplies! We’ll give you a hint what is worth to buy. Your child will enter the new year of learning smiling, and you’ll be peaceful.

Usually, schools provide parents with a list of necessary books and accessories. We’ll focus on those elements you cannot find in headmaster’s notes but are extremely useful in packing your child to school.

The basics: a properly adjusted backpack

Most of all, a backpack has to be beautiful for a user 🙂 It should not only hold all the supplies, books and breakfast, but also it should not be too much load for evolving young spine.

The most important are the proper proportions. To be precise:

  • weight of a loaded backpack should not exceed 10-15% of a child’s weight,
  • width of a backpack cannot exceed the width of shoulders,
  • length of a backpack cannot be 8cm over waist.

School backpack should have a stiffened back panel – at least with a foam. Compartments and pockets are of much importance as well. They facilitate a proper load’s arrangement. Similarly, straps serve this goal.

Maybe you think that that information is too much to remember and you think of wheeled backpack. Definitely not! It’s not as clever as you think.

Note that a child will drag it with one hand. This causes one-side load and may lead to lordosis. Moreover, there are stairs in most of the schools and a child shall carry a wheeled backpack anyway. In such a case, your child lifts not only the weight of books, but also the whole backpack: heavier than usual.


Remember about your child’s safety on its way home. Reflections can look like a pet-shaped pendant, elastic bands, which can be attached to a backpack’s straps or backpack handle, or sticks. They can compose with a text on a backpack or a child’s jacket. The cost of reflections is really low and it can save life. In the dark, without reflections we are visible for a drivers’ eyes from only 20-30 meters. With reflections a driver can see us 5 to 10 times faster. It’s worth money!

School supplies tracker

Children often forget their things. Protect favorite rucksacks, pencil cases, PE bags or home keys with notiOne tracker. Pick a color which is the most suitable for a child’s accessories. You can buy it here 20% cheaper.

What else should be on the “must-have” school supply list? 🙂 Share your opinion in a comment below.

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