What is a bluetooth tracker and how it can be used for tracking a lost item far away

7 October 2020
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Bluetooth devices usually are associated mostly with headphones or wireless speakers. Hence, information that even though notiOne works via Bluetooth, it can track a lost item far away from an owner, is often a surprise. Let’s take a look at the Bluetooth technology for a proper understanding of notiOne.

The name and work

The name itself can say a lot about this wireless data transmission standard. It stems from the Dutch king Harald Bluetooth who united Dutch and Norwegian peoples. The inventor of Bluetooth technology wanted, just like Harald the king, integrate various technologies without using cables. In other words, Bluetooth for communication between devices reminds using mobile phones instead of landline phones 🙂

Versions and reach

First Bluetooth versions (1.0. – 3.1) used a lot of energy. However, starting from 4.0. version, energy usage was restrained, so Bluetooth devices work longer. That’s why most of electronic accessories working on Bluetooth are compatibile with at lest 4.0. version.

Bluetooth reach is about 100 meters. This is the longest distance between devices for maintaining data transmission. If one of the devices gets out of reach, the connection is broken.

Bluetooth tracker

So, how it is possible that notiOne can find a lost item anywhere in Poland? It should exist a network of devices participating in signal receipt between the tracker and a mobile phone of its owner. And it does! Over 1.5 mln smartphones in Poland are equipped with associated applications. Each phone finding itself near notiOne tracker, automatically receives the signal, defines its position and sends the data to notiOne servers. Information about the location is presented on the application screen of the tracker’s owner as a pin with an address.

You can help us grow the notiOne network in your country! Ask your friends and relatives to download free notiOne app and create an account there. The bigger the network, the higher the chances for finding a lost item of your or other users. Helping is free. You can save a lot of time, nerves and money of yours and of others!

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