Lost keys – ways to protect your keys

20 May 2020
Jak nie gubić kluczy? 5 sposobów - notiOne

One of the top most often lost objects is keys. Many of us used to wonder: ‘Where the hell I lost my keys? What am I supposed to do?”. Lost keys mean trouble, additional expenses and unnecessary stress. How to avoid such a situation?

Define a place

Set up one place in a house where you place the keys. It should be handy, so you can leave them easily when carrying heavy shopping. A hook for keys is a perfect solution.

Use a lanyard

Attach a colorful lanyard to your keys. You’ll catch a sight of them quicker than a small gray key blending into the surroundings. With a lanyard it’s also easier to reach for the keys from a bag.

Separate bunches of keys

Do not keep all keys together. You don’t want to lose car keys and house keys at once, right?

Protect before losing

Attach small notiOne tracker to your keys. If you lose them, you’ll see on a map the recent place you had them with you. notiOne looks like a keychain: it’s small, light and does not require charging – the battery lasts a year. See how notiOne works and how to track objects with it.

Have a spare copy

Make a spare copy of your keys and give it to a trusted person. It won’t protect you from losing them but it will surely save your nerves in case you will.

Last but not least…

Never describe your keys with an address and personal data. It is risky to add a phone number as well. In the case of losing them, a slippery thief will surely know how to make use of such information.

I hope you use our advice and you’ll never again worry about lost keys. If you have your own ways of protecting the keys, share them in a comment.

And if it’s too late and you are already wondering ‘ where would lost keys be’, check our article with practical tips.

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