Can’t find lost keys

6 May 2020
Zgubione klucze - co zrobić, gdzie szukać

Are you worried about lost keys? You don’t know where to look for? See our tips and suggestions where lost keys are usually found.

Slow down and check thoroughly surroundings

Most frequently, we look for lost keys things in a hurry. It makes them harder to find. Take a few deep breaths and start over again – this time search through every place you usually keep your keys as calmly as possible. Check:

  • a shelf or a cupboard in a doorway,
  • jacket or trousers pockets,
  • desk,
  • worktop,
  • purse, bag, suitcase, backpack.

Check also if they do not lay on a floor, lawn or somewhere near a car.

Think if you haven’t changed anything in your house lately

Haven’t you changed a key lanyard or bought a new bag? Or maybe you’ve changed a jacket? Check previously worn clothes. Or maybe you’ve mounted a new shelf or a hook for keys and you haven’t got used to it yet?

Don’t search online

Maybe it’s tempting to ask on local groups or fanpages on social media whether anyone saw keys on a photograph. Careful. A thief may use data from your personal profile to identify your address.

Call a person you’ve lastly seen

Family gathering? Business dinner? A date? Call people at whom you might have left your keys. Maybe they are waiting for you to collect them.

Look in a mirror

Ridiculous as it may seems, we really do have a lot on our mind. Under time pressure we sometimes look for things we literally have in our hands. Check if you do not keep the keys in your fist 🙂

Exchange locks

If everything failed, there is nothing left but to exchange locks. You can scratch your head and think how to open the door on your own but it’s much safer to call a specialist. Locksmiths are available 24h a day. So, regardless at what time you realized you had lost your keys, you’ll get a help you need.

Protect yourself and your keys

It is easy to be wise after the event. Instead, think ahead and protect a valuable object before you lose it. A tracker attached to your keys looks like a keychain. With the free app, with which is linked, you can check the address of the last location. With notiOne you’ll know where to start searching.

If the keys are close to you, you can use “Find nearby” function and play a sound in the tracker, so you can hear where they are.

See also: 5 ways to protect your keys.

We hope or tips turned out useful and you are already holding the keys in your hand. Share the tips with friends. Don’t let them get stressed!

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