Lost phone – what to do?

3 June 2020
Znajdź telefon z notiOne

A mobile phone is one of the most private items you have. Losing it means a lot of trouble. As a matter of fact, you keep not only important contacts in there, but also private photos, messages, documents and access to app accounts.

What to do to avoid problems connected with losing a phone? Here there are 10 steps you should remember.

  1. Call your number from other phone and check if your phone is still available. If so, send a text to someone who might have found your phone and ask for a call.
  2. Try to recall where you have lastly used your phone. Reach recently visited places: restaurants, shops, taxi. Maybe the workers found your mobile?
  3. If you are a commuter, check Lost property office. Item found by bus drivers get in there.
  4. Try to find you smartphone with one of the apps for such an occasion. They require GPS and data transfer turned on.
  5. Block your SIM card to avoid high bills. You can ask for a duplicate as well and then, still using your number.
  6. Change a password for all of the apps you have on the phone. Especially for email, social media and communicators.
  7. If you had an access to a bank mobile app, block the possibility of data leakage.
  8. Post to local groups on social media. Many people get help quickly thanks to that.
  9. See a pawnshop nearby, follow local selling platforms. Very often people place found or lost items in there.
  10. Call the police. You’ll need IMEI number – it’s an individual identification number of a device. You’ll find it on the phone box or on a receipt. It’s really worth to do. One forth of stolen or lost phone are found this way!

At the end, we have some good information: most of the phones are found within a couple of minutes in nooks and crannies of a bag, pocket or under a car chair. notiOne tracker is a real help in such a situation. If you have it, just press the tracker and your phone rings even when in silent mode (Bluetooth has to be turned on). Save your time and nerves!

Find lost phone with notiOne tracker

You can also think forward and share the location of your mobile phone with a trusted person via the free notiOne app. If you lost a mobile, you’d ask a friend to check its position. Install it now, it’s free!

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