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What to pack on a trip

8 July 2020
Co zabrać na wakacje? notiOne przy plecaku podróżnym

Preparing for holidays can be chaotic, especially if you leave with whole family. What to pack on a trip and avoid a nasty surprise? See our checklist.

Hygienical products

Due to the pandemic, pack to your bag a hand desinfectant and a mask which is still obligatory in most closed spaces.

Moreover, make sure you have a toothbrush and wet tissues. Ladies – do not forget tampons 🙂

notiOne tracker

Small tracker hidden in a bag protects it from being stolen. With Alarm option in the app you won’t forget your wallet when leaving a hotel. You can also give it to your child on a neck or a wrist, so you know when it goes away from you. Or just attach it to keys and protect from losing.

Mobile phone

It’s useful not only for taking pictures, but also for contact with the world. In the case of an unfortunate event it would be truly priceless. Similarly, if you got lost. All in all, most of us uses a smartphone as a navigation.

Powerbank and charger

A mobile phone is useless when dead. Each mobile phone owner should have its own charger on a trip, so everyone can charge it at night. A powerbank is an additional tool just in case a battery goes down during a trip.


It’s hard to predict future. A multitool might save you in extreme situations and it’s particularly handy on camps. It includes scissors, a knife, a corkscrew or even a file.


As cleans as it may seem, public or hotel bathrooms are visited by a lot of people. Always wear flip-fops so you won’t come back from your journey with itchy feet.


On long road trips with children crackers and other similar snacks may save the day. Heat won’t hurt them, hunger would be defeated.

Head protection

Summer is more and more warm. Being on the sun for too long may result in a sunstroke. Wear something on your head and protect yourself. A cap, a kerchief or a fancy hat – choose yourself!

Mosquito spray and sunscreen

If you plan to spend nights by a campfire or by long evening walks, have a mosquito spray with you. During the day, a sunscreen protects you from sunburns. Pay attention to the number of filter – the higher, the stronger.


Most importantly, pack these medicine you take everyday. If you have allergic tendencies, put into your bag calcium. It saved out trip not once!

Money and documents

It is said that if you have money with you, all the rest you can buy on a road. It’s worth to have a limited number of cash by your side, so you won’t spend too much. What’s also important, do not carry the documents together with money. Thus, you wouldn’t lose everything at once. But if you listened to our advice at point 2, you can be calm about your stuff.

What to pack on a trip and what not

Surely, you won’t need elegant shirts or other easily creased clothes. You don’t want to iron them on a trip, right? Leave new shoes at home and do not risk blistered feet. Leave towels too (unless you go on a camping), expensive jewellery, watches and wise books – you go for relax, and that’s what we wish you 🙂

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