notiOne go!


Color - black



22.00 /item

With the small notiOne tracker and the free app you'll check where's what you are looking for and you'll find it 9x faster than without any app! With notiOne you'll find your phone as well - even when on silent.

  • Up to a year on a battery
  • Loud sound during searching
  • Strong attaching
  • Resistant to weather conditions


Safe payment

30 days for return

24-month guarantee

Shipment within 24h (working days Mon-Fri)

How does the notiOne go! PLUS tracker work?

The tracker sends signal

1. The tracker sends signal

notiOne, attached to what is important for you, sends out continuous signal

Automatic signal reception

2. Automatic signal reception

The signal is received by your mobile phone, as well as other mobile phones equipped with notiOne app nearby

Sending data to your smartphone

3. Sending data to your smartphone

Information about the location is sent to your account and presented on the map in the app

notiOne use

The app

Download the free app notiOne from Google Play, App Gallery or App Store

Mobile app

Technical specification

Module dimensions

34 x 29 x 7,5 mm


8 g


Bluetooth 4.0+ Low Energy




Replaceable battery CR2032

Other functions

Sound signal


iOS devices and Android 4.3 or newer, Bluetooth 4.0+ Low Energy


Up to 90 meters

What’s inside the box?

Inside the box

Over 40,000 satisfied clients

Rate 4.6/5

The device and the app are marvelous. I’ve attached it to my memory stick and keys. Finally, I stopped leaving the memory stick at my client’s, which had been happening very often. I admit, I presented it to my friends so they can see how cool this is.

Cool app, I have it 1 day and it already have been useful. My husband had kept losing his keys, so I attached notiOne to them and he, naturally, lost them in a while. Thanks to this app, the keys were easily found. Everything is clear. Great job!

The power of Facebook, our Radojewo society and notiOne tracker made the lost dog get back to his owners quickly. Great job!

I found my smartphone in a laundry basket! Thanks, thanks, thanks! If not for the notiOne, I would seek it till tomorrow… Pregnancy is a state of mind. Now I am sure that I would need more notiOnes!

I am not worried about my dog anymore

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Business offer

notiOne with your company’s logo

The perfect gadget for your company. Order and use as a business gift for your clients, partners, employees.

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Business offer