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Camp checklist – a packing list for your child’s first vacations

1 July 2020
Camp checklist - protect the luggage with notiOne tracker

The first vacation of your child on its own is a great challenge, both for you and the kid. What to pack for a camp? See our 10 must-haves.

Spare clothes

Weather can be unpredictable, especially on islands. Even if the forecast is cloudless, pack a spare blouse, raincoat and shoes. Remember, evenings can be cold. Hence, pack a warm tracksuit. It’s perfect for night Paper Chase or campfire games.

Comfort first

A camp is not a catwalk. Clothes are supposed to be comfortable and rather sporty. Leave light-colored or expensive clothes in a wardrobe. Your child goes on vacation to have fun, be dirty and play around, not to worry about each smudge or tear.

No new clothes

New trousers or (especially!) shoes are not worth child’s patience. They can appear uncomfortable and hurt feet. What’s more, children may not identify the new cloth as theirs. In a room with several children it’s often messy. So to avoid it, just pack only those things a child knows or mark the clothes with a colorful thread or a marker.

“No!” to expensive devices

No fancy tablets, laptops, smartphones or cameras. A camp is a great opportunity for your child to relax and rest from any kind of screens, at least for a while. Come on, you’ve already spent a lot of money for your child to play and run outside! Moreover, valuable devices can get damaged or might be stolen. Spare the child (and yourself) stress or guilt.


Your child’s baggage is worth to protect. It’s easy to get lost in a new place. notiOne tracker hidden in a discrete place in a suitcase or a backpack helps to find the bag when it’s lost. Don’t forget to install the free notiOne app in a child’s mobile phone, so it will be possible to track a lost baggage!


On the camp, kids usually have food provided. However, if you want to spoil your child a little, choose light snacks which can last for a longer time, such as corn chips, breadsticks or crackers. Just in case the child forgets about it.


Not too much and not in one place. Use the organizers’ suggestions about the amount of money needed. They know the best where the children have the opportunity to spend money and how much it usually is. Divide the whole sum and hide it in 2 or 3 different places: in a handbag, in a jacket, in a suitcase. In the case of losing one of them, there will be still some money left.

A handbag

Apart of the suitcase, a handbag will be very useful. It can be taken on a beach, short mountain trips or sightseeing. Remember: it should be light and comfortable. The child will probably carry it in hot weather, so check the material. The child shouldn’t be overheated.

A checklist

Ask the organizers about a checklist with things necessary for a camp. Read it carefully and follow the instructions. The camp organizers know what’s the most needed. If you have any doubts, ask them. It’s about your child’s comfort and safety.

Do you like our tips? We hope that you now know, what to pack for the child’s camp. Maybe you have something to add to our checklist? Write in a comment below and share your experience 🙂

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