For parents

    Back to school supplies – what to buy

    23 September 2020
    Wyprawka szkolna - co kupić przed 1 września?

    New school year has come, so it’s time to collect your child’s school supplies! We’ll give you a hint what is worth to buy. Your child will enter the new year of learning smiling, and you’ll be peaceful. Usually, schools provide parents with a list of necessary books and accessories. We’ll focus on those elements you cannot find in headmaster’s notes but are extremely useful in packing your child to school.…

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  • Co zabrać na wakacje? notiOne przy plecaku podróżnym
    Safe trip

    What to pack on a trip

    Preparing for holidays can be chaotic, especially if you leave with whole family. What to pack on a trip and avoid a nasty surprise? See our checklist. Hygienical products Due to the pandemic, pack…

    8 July 2020
  • notiOne - Bluetooth tracker

    It’s not a GPS tracker

    Oh, cool GPS! – that’s how our customers tend to react on mini notiOne tracker. Caution! notiOne is NOT a GPS tracker, even though in proper conditions it can track objects for long distances.…

    17 June 2020
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    Lost phone – what to do?

    A mobile phone is one of the most private items you have. Losing it means a lot of trouble. As a matter of fact, you keep not only important contacts in there, but also…

    3 June 2020
  • Zgubiłem klucze od domu

    Lost keys – ways to protect your keys

    One of the top most often lost objects is keys. Many of us used to wonder: ‘Where the hell I lost my keys? What am I supposed to do?”. Lost keys mean trouble, additional…

    20 May 2020