Lokalizator notiOne GPS
Anti-theft security Technology

notiOne GPS locator

Till now, notiOne trackers has been working basing on Bluetooth technology. However, after the 4th year of the brand activity, the new device came out. notiOne GPS is a device which defines precisely its location via satellite signal. No obligatory fees are included. See…

16 November 2020
Wolne od szkoły - czas na ferie
For parents

Back to school supplies – what to buy

New school year has come, so it’s time to collect your child’s school supplies! We’ll give you a hint what is worth to buy. Your child will enter the new year of learning smiling, and you’ll be peaceful. Usually, schools provide parents with a…

23 September 2020
Co zabrać na wakacje? notiOne przy plecaku podróżnym
Safe trip

What to pack on a trip

Preparing for holidays can be chaotic, especially if you leave with whole family. What to pack on a trip and avoid a nasty surprise? See our checklist. Hygienical products Due to the pandemic, pack to your bag a hand desinfectant and a mask which…

8 July 2020
notiOne - Bluetooth tracker

It’s not a GPS tracker

Oh, cool GPS! – that’s how our customers tend to react on mini notiOne tracker. Caution! notiOne is NOT a GPS tracker, even though in proper conditions it can track objects for long distances. notiOne solution is based on Bluetooth technology and a network…

17 June 2020