It’s not a GPS tracker

17 June 2020
notiOne - Bluetooth tracker

Oh, cool GPS! – that’s how our customers tend to react on mini notiOne tracker. Caution! notiOne is NOT a GPS tracker, even though in proper conditions it can track objects for long distances. notiOne solution is based on Bluetooth technology and a network of associated applications users. It can be used where a GPS cannot. What’s the difference?

GPS – Global Positioning System

Co-ordinates are given on the basis of the time delay between when the satellite transmits a signal and the receiver receives the signal. A GPS receiver monitors multiple satellites and solves equations to determine the precise position of the receiver and its deviation from true time. Due to the technology development, now almost every mobile phone is equipped with a GPS module, so we can use navigation and many other applications.

GPS is a precise and fast way of locating objects, however, it has some restrictions:

  1. Costs – the technology is relatively expensive. Be prepared not only for a purchase cost, but also usage costs. It is necessary for a device to connect with a server, so a SIM card is needed. Hence, you pay for data transfer e.g. each month.
  2. Energy usage – GPS uses a lot of energy, so frequent charging is needed. Most of such devices work several days.
  3. Size – the bigger a battery, the heavier a device. It’s problematic when you wish to monitor small objects.

Bluetooth technology – wireless data transmission between devices

Radio signal length reaches several dozens of meters. The technology is mostly used in speakers, mouses, wireless keyboards or even fridges.

Usually Bluetooth trackers were associated with tracking objects nearby. For example, they help to find lost keys under a sofa. However, small notiOne tracker can track lost objects even hundreds kilometers away. How so?

In Poland, notiOne signal is received by over 1.5 mln mobile phones – and the number is still growing! A mobile phone which received notiOne signal defines its position and sends this information on server. Then, the notiOne’s owner can see in the free app the exact position of the tracker. More on Bluetooth trackers in this article.

  1. Costs – notiOne does not require SIM card. You only pay for the device. Nor the app, nor its features are paid. The devicee itself is much cheaper than a GPS device. You can buy more notiOnes and protect more objects.
  2. Energy usage – small battery is enough for several months of usage.
  3. Size – the device is as big as a coin and weights 8 grams. Thus, you can track even small objects in the smallest nooks and crannies.

All the notiOne tracker features enable usage with keys, memory sticks, people or pets protection and warehouse assets monitoring. See more about notiOne.

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