What attach a tracker to? See what people usually protect

23 March 2020

Have you ever wondered what a tracker can be used for? Read the text – then you start to wonder how could you live without this gadget!

See what people mos frequently use notiOne for and in which situations it might appar useful.


No matter what kind of keys – to an apartment or to a car. It’s the keys which are the most frequently protected with notiOne tracker. That’s not a surprise. The cost of making a new key might reach up to a hundreds of Euros! Plus the cost of exchanging the lock and making a new one. Lost car keys it’s an even bigger trouble and even higher costs.

But we often don’t really loose our keys. For many of us, the problem is everyday searching for the keys in a house. A bag, pockets, a bed, a floor or even a fridge… Searching through all the nooks and crannies is a waste of time and nerves. All you need is the notiOne tracker attached to your keys. When you look for them, open up the free notiOne app and here you are – now you know where your keys are.


Washing machines, wardrobes, a guitar – there is no place in which a cat cannot hide. Their owners loose so much time looking for their pet. notiOne tracker brings help. You can find a cat sitting in a laundry basket with the “Find nearby” function. Play notiOne – now you can hear, where you cat hid! notiOne is small and light and its gentle sound doesn’t hurt cat’s hearing on contrary to bells, sometimes attached to cat collar. Or, if you let your pet out, you can turn the Seek option on and then, know when your pet comes back home.


Every parent agrees that a child needs particular care and attention. The tracker attached to a kid’s keys or a backpack protects its belongings. But that’s not all. notiOne band on a child’s arm ensures you that it’s nearby. If the child gets out of Bluetooth reach (up to 90 meters) your phone will ring.

These are the most popular notiOne applications. In a poll which we conducted, there are many other interesting and surprising applications. What kind of? Find out in this article [LINK].

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