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Keychain – the perfect gift for anybody!

23 November 2019
Keychain - perfect gift for anybody - notiOne

The 1st November passed away. This date is like a shot starting Christmas gifts marathon. Have you bought everything?

If not, let us help you. Today we present a list of the most original keychains in the internet.

For the stressed out – apartment keys are with you almost all of the time. You have them always by your side, even in a moment when you want to murder your boss or sell your children on eBay. Rubik’s Cube, logic puzzle or just anti-stress ball? In a miniature, attached to keys always plays its role.

For survival lovers – if you like to live on the edge and you’d love to transform your own house into a hut in a middle of nowhere, multifunctional keychain with a flashlight, screwdriver, scissors and even a universal parachute rope should stir your attention. It might appear handy!

For party animals – miniature playing cards, crokscrew, small hip-flask or a casing for small objects (like cash or anything without what you cannot do). These are the suggestions for those who celebrate Saturday Night Fever each week. Just don’t use it as a keychain for your car keys 😉

For beauty-oriented – a keychain with a lipstick or a lip gloss? Why not! We advice you to use it with a pocket mirror, so you can see the effect immediately. For those who live in admiration of their own nails, the Internet hints multifunctional set for manicure.

For anybody – whatever keychains you choose, don’t you ever loose it! Small keychain with notiOne tracker helps to find your lost keys and ensures you won’t forget them when going out. You can attach it to a cat collar, hide in a wallet or protect your child on a party. You can check a position of your item in a free app. It’s a gift for anybody!

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