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How to find a good babysitter?

23 March 2020

A good babysitter, whom we can fully trust, is a real treasure. How to find the best one?

Define your expectations

  • Define how long in a day you’ll need care for your child. Do you need a full time babysitter or on an occasion (like a night out, child’s sickness, etc.)?
  • What housework do you want a babysitter to take? Remember, the more the housework, the less time for a baby a nanny has.
  • When choosing a babysitter, consider your child’s age and temperament. Does an elderly person have enough strength to play with a 2-year-old? Is a young student experienced enough to take care of an infant?

How to start looking for a babysitter?

  • First ask your friends. Maybe someone knows someone trustworthy? This is the best and the most efficient method to find a good nanny.
  • Use an agency or the internet. It’s usually connected with some fees and doesn’t give a guarantee that the person you select is suitable for your needs. You can’t always trust internet recommendations.
  • If you’re thinking about a younger person, look around students of college departments concerned with care such as: nursing, midwifery, pedagogy, psychology, etc.
  • Publish a post on social media. There are appropriate groups or forums for those looking for a job as a babysitter.

Good nanny – trust your gut

If you manage to select a couple of the most promising candidates, arrange an individual appointment with each of them. Don’t rush anything – a good conversation might last even a couple of hours. Remember, it’s for your child’s safety.

A good babysitter:

  • will make a good impression on you,
  • cares about personal hygiene,
  • is communicative,
  • is courteous,
  • represents the same or similar attitudes towards raising a child,
  • easily creates a bond with your child,
  • is experienced with working with children,
  • doesn’t smoke.

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