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appreciated by the Honorary Patronage of the President of the City of Poznań

A bit more About Misiolanki's

Four teddy bears visit kindergartens all over Poland, providing preschoolers, their educators and parents with knowledge, tools and inspiration arousing interest in a healthy and safe lifestyle. They teach children to respect their surroundings and live in harmony with nature.

teddy bear

Mom Notencja Łanek

the nurse provides knowledge about health and personal hygiene

teddy bear

Dad Noteusz Łanek

a policeman teaches safe behavior and avoiding risky situations in the immediate vicinity

teddy bear

Daughter Notka Łanek

a specialist in healthy eating promotes proper eating habits among children

teddy bear

Son Noti Łanek

a friend of nature teaches living in harmony with nature and builds ecological awareness

Book of Misiołanki's Travels

Misiołanki love to discover new places, customs and traditions. During their travels, a unique guide to the places visited is created, co-created with the children:

travel of Misiołankitravel of Misiołankitravel of Misiołankitravel of Misiołanki
poznały ponad 15 000 dzieci

met over 15 000 kids

odwiedziły ponad 250 przedszkoli

visited over 250 kindergartens

odwiedziły ponad 60 miejscowości

visited over 60 towns

przejechały 20 000 kilometrów

travelled 20 000 kilometers

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art contest

"Postcard from your town" is an art competition organized for preschoolers participating in the project. The painting that gets the most likes on our fanpage wins.

The prize in the competition is the notiOne wristband, thanks to which you can check in the application where your child is.

notiOne arm band with tracker

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