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Tracker notiOne go! PLUS

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The small notiOne go! PLUS will allow you to check in the application where is what you are looking for. It will find what you lost both nearby and from much further distances. With its help you will also locate your phone. Even when it's muted.

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24h delivery (business days)

24h delivery (business days)

24 months warranty

24 months warranty

30 days for return

30 days for return

Secured Payments

Secured Payments


Using the small notiOne tracker and the free app, you can easily locate your belongings and find them nine times faster than without any app. With notiOne, you can even find your phone when it's on silent.


▶ Attach to the item you want to protect,

▶ When you lose it, you will see the last known location in the application,

▶ If the item is within range of your phone, you will trigger a beep,

▶ When it is out of range of your phone, it can be tracked by one of over 2 million phones of users of our applications.

▶ Our notiOne go! PLUS works on one battery for over a year!

According to our customers, notiOne go! PLUS works best as:

✔ key locator, incl. house, apartment, car keys,

✔ valuables locator, such as: backpack, laptop bag, photographic equipment,

✔ bike locator,

✔ electric scooter locator,

✔ dog tracker,

✔ cat tracker,

✔ baby stroller locator,

✔ kitesurf equipment locator

The lowest price from 30 days before the discount: EUR 22


Device size34 x 29 x 7,5 mm
CommunicationBluetooth 4.0+ Low Energy
Other functionsSound alarm
Power sourceReplaceable battery CR2032
CompatibilityDevices with iOS and Android 5.0 or higher, and Bluetooth 4.0+ Low Energy.
RangePoland (through notiOne network with 2mln+ intermediary devices)

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