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What is the tracker’s range?

The notiOne device sends a signal which is received by mobile phones with notiOne app (or other associated applications) installed. The signal is received when such a phone is up to 90 meters away from the device. When a mobile phone receives the tracker’s signal, it defines its position based on the mobile’s GPS and then sends the information to the tracker’s owner app. The process is automatic and enables you to track the lost item not only nearby, but also at greater distances.

What devices cooperate with the notiOne system?

The system works with mobile devices with Android 5.0. and newer and iOS 10 and newer and use Bluetooth 4.0+ Low Energy. For the proper functioning, internet connection is needed.

Is notiOne using GPS?

No, notiOne tracker uses Bluetooth technology. Even though, it is possible to find the lost item not only within the reach of your phone (up to 90m) but also further away. The only condition is extensive network of associated applications. There are over 2 mln mobile phones receiving the signal from notiOne trackers. Thanks to that, information about the location can be transmitted despite distance.

How can I find keys in my apartment?

For finding e.g. keys under the sofa or a cat in the apartment, use “Find nearby” function. Colourful rings represent the distance between you and the lost item. The more rings you see, the closer you are. Sound signal helps in finding your lost item as well.

Is notiOne waterproof?

notiOne is long-lasting, safe and weatherproof.

How to find a mobile phone with notiOne?

Press the notiOne tracker and the mobile phone having notiOne application with the account the tracker is linked to rings – even in the silent mode.

Why does the app require the access to multimedia and location?

Access to multimedia is needed to set a picture for notiOne in the list. Access to location is needed to define the device position. All data is saved and stored in accordance with GDPR and only to the extent necessary for the proper functioning of the service.

The tracker cannot link with the app – what to do?

Try reinstalling the notiOne app. If it doesn’t help, open the tracker (lever the casing), wait 30 seconds, close the device, press strongly and try again to link the notiOne tracker with the app.

Is the notiOne application free?

The only expense with notiOne is the cost of the device. The notiOne application is completely free.

How can I see in the app where e.g. my keys are?

Location data is displayed in the app as a pin on the map and an address. The notiOne app provides the user with location history of up to the last 30 days.

What are the associated applications?

The associated applications are popular Polish apps. NotiOne supports local mobile apps market.

Does notiOne work in the forest?

In forests, fields, mountains or any kinds of places where there are no people, notiOne signal will be received only if a person with the appropriate app (notiOne or other associated) is within the tracker’s range.

What powers the notiOne device?

The models: notiOne play and notiOne classic are powered with replaceable battery CR1632. New model notiOne go! PLUS Is powered with CR2032 battery. The replacement can be done by the user. Information about the battery status is in the menu in a particular device view, in “Information” section. The battery life depends on the frequency of using “Find nearby” function and weather conditions such as e.g. frost.

Does notiOne work outside Poland?

notiOne works outside Poland, however some of its functions are not available. For now, the network of associated applications exists only in Poland. Hence, outside Poland notiOne is detected only near its owner’s mobile phone. “Find nearby” is a function working in any place on the Earth. So it is possible to find e.g. keys in the apartment anywhere with notiOne.

Can I share the view of the location of my tracker with other users?

Yes, you can do it in two ways: 1. Log in to your notiOne account on two mobile phones (using the same email address or Facebook/Google/AppStore account). 2. Use the “Share” function. Select the device you want to share from the list of your notiOnes. Then tap on the icon of 3 dots in the top right corner and from the drop-down menu select “Share”. Now type the email address of a person you want to share the view of your tracker with. The email has to be registered in notiOne application as well.

Does the device need a SIM card?

No, the device doesn’t use a SIM card. The app is based on Bluetooth technology. The tracker attached to e.g. cat collar sends out continuous signal received by notiOne application or other apps associated with the system.

Is the app available for mobile devices only?

No, you can use the app on your PC as well. Check: https://panel.notione.com/index.html.

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