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notiOne go! PLUS
notiOne GPS
What is the range of the tracker notiOne go! PLUS?
The range of location service in notiOne go! PLUS is unlimited. It depends on the amount of devices with our/partners app in the area.
Why is the app asking for permission to access location and media?
The app needs location access to be able to determine its position relative to locators. Access to media is needed to be able to assign a photo to a given device.
With what devices notiOne works?
The system works on phones and tablets that have Android (version 4.3 and higher) and iOS (version above 10) and are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0+ Low Energy. An Internet connection is required for the application to work properly.
Is notiOne go! PLUS waterproof?
It is splash-proof, but do not immerse it in water.
What to do when notiOne go! PLUS is not connecting to the application?
If the device does not make a sound when pressed, check the battery (video below). If it makes a sound, follow the information displayed in the application.
How can I check for example: where is my dog is?
We will see the location of the device by selecting the device attached to the pet from the list. A map with the last location sent from the device will open. Location data is displayed in the application in a clear way, using a marker on the map and an address. notiOne app also shows location history for the last 30 days.
Do notiOne go! PLUS works in the forest?
The probability of meeting a person with the notiOne app or partners in the forest is very low. For use in the forest, we recommend a GPS tracker.
Does the app work only on mobile devices?
No. You can also use the browser version (https://panel.notione.com), which gives you the opportunity to find your smartphone if the notiOne application is logged in!
Is battery in notiOne go! PLUS replaceable?
Yes. CR2032 battery for notiOne go! PLUS is available in our shop. You can do the replacement by yourself, and the video tutorial is below.
Do notiOne go! PLUS works in the mountains?
The probability of meeting a random person with the notiOne application or partners on mountain trails is low. In addition, in the mountains there is often poor GSM coverage, which makes it difficult for intermediary devices.
Does notiOne go! work hidden in the e-scooter?
It depends if the place where it was attached is not surrounded by metal. This can interfere with communication, and ultimately lead to a lack of connection with devices in the area.
Does notiOne go! work hidden in the e-scooter?
It depends if the place where it was attached is not surrounded by metal. This can interfere with communication, and ultimately lead to a lack of connection with devices in the area.
Do I need to insert SIM card to notiOne go!??
The device does not use a sim card. The application is based on Bluetooth technology. an electronic module attached to, for example, a dog's collar, sends a signal received by the notiOne application or other cooperating applications. Currently, the network is very extensive, thanks to which we receive information about the location of the module even from remote parts of Poland.
What apps are compatible with notiOne system?
Apps, that works with notiOne are popular polish Apps.
Is notiOne go! using GPS signal?
No. Device works using devices in the area, through Bluetooth technology. Location of notiOne go! is based on the location of the phone, that is connected to and range from it.
Do notiOne go! PLUS can find keys hidden in the house?
A special function in the app: "Search nearby" is designed for locating a lost item nearby, e.g. keys that fell under the sofa. After turning it on, the phone guides you to the hiding place with a very high accuracy. In addition, a sound signal helps in the search.
How to find your phone with notiOne go! PLUS?
Just press the central part of the device, which is a button, and the phone with the notiOne application logged in will start ringing, even when it is muted!
Is notiOne app completely free?
The only cost with using notiOne is the cost of purchasing the device, the application installed on the phone is free.
How many phones are there in Poland that automatically receive the notiOne go! PLUS! signal?
Currently, there are over 2 million users of the notiOne application and applications cooperating with the notiOne system in Poland. Thanks to them, information about the location can be quickly transferred to the phone even from very long distances.
How notiOne go! PLUS is powered?
The device is powered by battery CR2032, available to but in our Store. The user can change it himself. Information about the battery status can be found in the notiOne application after clicking the “i” icon. The user also receives an in-app notification when it's time to replace. The length of operation depends on on the frequency of using the device, in particular the "Search nearby" function, and weather conditions, e.g. frost.
Do notiOne go! PLUS operates outside of Poland?
notiOne go! PLUS will work abroad, but not all its features will be available. Outside Poland, we do not have such a wide network of users with installed cooperating applications, so notiOne will be located only within the Recipient's phone range. The function that will work fully is: "Search", i.e. the ability to find, for example, keys in the apartment.
Is it possible to share a view of notiOne go! in the app to another user?
There are two ways to share the device preview in the application: 1. Logging in on two phones to the same notiOne application account - using the same email address (or Gmail / Facebook account). 2. Use the "share notiOne" option. To do this, select a specific notiOne device in the list, then tap the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner. A menu of your device will appear, from which you should select "Share". Then enter the e-mail address of the selected person. This person must also have an account in the notiOne application.
How is notiOne classic or notiOne play powered?
notiOne classic and notiOne play devices are powered by a CR1632 battery, available in our online store. The user can change it himself. The tutorial video is below the questions section.

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