notiOne GPS PLUS

Color - black

129.00 /item

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How does the notiOne GPS tracker work?

The tracker transmits a signal

1. The device sends its location determined by the satellite

Automatic signal reception

2. The server processes the data and sends it to the application

Transfer of information to your phone

3. The application shows the exact location of the notiOne GPS

What can I use it for?

Keys tracker

Vehicle tracker

Tracker for a dog

Luggage tracker

Bicycle tracker

Motorcycle tracker

Tracker for a child

Tracker for a child

The most important information on the operation of the device

configurable frequency of position update device in motion device not in motion
from 10 sec to 24 hours from 1 to 24 hours
time needed to determine and send the position less than a minute
operating range most European countries
notification when motion is detected (theft alarm) YES
location history 30 days
battery life from several days to several dozen weeks

Dedicated application

Download the free application notiOne from Google Play or App Store

Mobile application

Technical specifications

Device dimensions

97 x 25 x 31 mm


100 g


5V USB Type-C connector


GSM/GPRS class 12


Devices with iOS and Android 5.0 system and higher




Selected country with the possibility of extension

The package contains:

Opakowanie notiOne GPS

Over 60,000 trackers sold

Rating 4.6/5

Phenomenal device and application. I attached it to the USB flash drive and keys. Finally, I stopped leaving my USB flash drive with my customers, which I used to do a lot. I admit that I often show my friends how cool this device is.

Great app, I have had it for one day and it has already come in handy. My husband keeps losing his keys, so I attached the gadget to his keys, which, of course, he immediately lost. Thanks to this application, we found them without any problems. Everything is clear. Great.

The power of Facebook, our Radojewo community and the notiOne tracker helped a lost dog quickly find its owners. Great.

I found a muted phone in the laundry basket! Thanks thanks thanks! Had it not been for the notione it would have taken me until tomorrow… Being pregnant is a state of mind, after all. This convinced me that I need more!

At last, I’m not worried about my dog anymore.

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